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5 Reasons to Sell Your Motorhome to a Motorhome Dealer

Selling your motorhome can cause quite a few headaches. Who do I trust? How do I get the best deal? Is it straightforward?

It’s true that there are many ways to sell a motorhome nowadays, from online auctions to private sales. However, for trust, convenience and value, you’re in safe hands with a reputable motorhome dealer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider trading with a dealer if you’re considering selling your vehicle:

It's a guaranteed sale

Selling your motorhome to a dealer is a definite sale, it’s as simple as that. Although some may argue you may not get as much cash by selling to a dealer as you would selling privately, in most cases that’s not the case and the dealer will have a better understanding of the vehicle’s true market value.

Most good motorhome dealers will have years of experience buying and selling motorhomes and remember you can always shop around to get the best price if there are a number of established motorhome buyers in your area.


A highly regarded motorhome dealer is always the safest bet to sell to. Selling to a private buyer can be complicated, with plenty of reports of scams being rife. We’ve even heard stories about people handing over their motorhome to a private buyer and being paid with bounced cheques- why take the risk?

Motorhome dealers are also registered companies so in this respect you are afforded more protection.

Better timing equates to more money

Right now is a good time to sell your motorhome to a dealer. The number of used motorhomes available for sale at this moment is lower than it has been in the recent past and supply and demand rules dictate that limited supply causes increased demand, which means you get more money for the sale.

Once you establish whether or not it’s a good time to sell it’s then important to act quickly; new vehicle registrations take place in March and September so the number of trade-ins will shoot through the roof for desirable new models.

Trade on the trade-in

If you are one of the lucky few looking to buy a new motorhome, then consider trading-in your older model to a dealer.

If you are wise and negotiate intelligently, you can strike a fantastic bargain and again, don’t be afraid to shop around first!



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