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Top Tips for Keeping Your Motorhome Safe

A motorhome is a significant investment for most people which is one of the reasons why it makes sense to protect your pride and joy. Unfortunately, we live in a world where vehicle thefts are still commonplace and motorhomes are coveted targets for thieves; not only are they valuable but your personal contents can also be very appealing to crooks. So next time you leave your motorhome unattended, follow our top tips for keeping your vehicle safe and secure.

It may sound fairly obvious but it pays to remember simple precautions like locking doors and closing windows when you are away from your motorhome for any period of time. In an ideal world, try not to leave your vehicle alone for extended periods of time, unless it’s in secure storage.

It’s also important to note that your insurance company may request that additional security measures be taken. For example, some insurers could ask that certain alarms or tracking devices be installed for when the vehicle is unattended. If you follow this guidance you may even get a discount on your premiums for installing a specific security device so it’s worth getting in touch with your provider.

Now that you’ve spoken to your insurer and followed all the basic advice, it’s time to explore the most popular security options aimed at reducing the risk of theft:

Wheel clamps 

Wheel clamps are notoriously good at immobilising a vehicle. Higher quality clamps are more difficult to remove making it a popular option for most motorhome owners.

Steering wheel locks 

Steering wheel locks are popular amongst all motorists because they are very effective in deterring theft efforts. Whether it’s a bar-lock, circular lock, or a good old padlock and chain, whichever one you opt for should make your motorhome more secure.

Gear locks 

Not always favoured by many, but still effective, gear locks allow you to restrict access to the gear box and hand brake.


Alarms are a great audible deterrent and can stop your vehicle from being stolen in the event that criminals gain entry to your motorhome. In most instances, a siren is usually situated under the bonnet and it becomes active once the door is open. Most good alarm kits come complete with a window sticker to warn would-be-thieves to move on but it’s worth taking a look on the market because some alarms can be directly synced to local police stations.

if you're thinking of buying a second hand motorhome, assess the alarm system that is currently in palce and conduct basic tests to ensure the system is working.


Again very helpful if a thief gains entry to your motorhome, immobilisers ensure that they can’t drive your vehicle away. Every time you switch off your engine, the immobiliser will automatically activate and most devices feature dual-circuit immobilisation to halt any efforts to start the engine by hot-wiring.

Tracking Devices 

Tracking devices are becoming more and more essential as technology evolves and this piece of equipment will monitor your vehicle around the clock. In the event that your motorhome is stolen, some tracking devices will emit a signal to a control centre, whereas others can even be monitored and tracked via your smartphone.

Whichever device(s) you choose to help secure your motorhome make sure that you purchase a high quality and reliable product. The internet is a good place to start because reputable sites can give you reliable information and most insurance providers insist that some security products are approved by Sold Secure or Thatcham Research in the UK.

Product testing service Sold Secure is run by the Master Locksmiths Association and many leisure vehicle security products have a Sold Secure rating- they are structured from diamond to bronze with diamond representing the highest rating.

Thatcham Research is the insurance industry’s testing centre and they categorize security devices in the following way:

Electronic alarm and Immobiliser – Category 1
Electronic/Electromechanical Immobiliser – Category 2
Electronic alarm upgrade (General Application) – Category 2 – 1
Mechanical Immobiliser – Category 3
Wheel Locking devices – Category 4

The following categories exist to recover a vehicle after it has been stolen:

After – Theft Systems for vehicle recovery – Category 5
Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems – Category 6
Stolen Vehicle Location Systems – Category 7

Finally, always ensure that you have the correct insurance because if the unthinkable does happen at least you will be covered.


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